Monday, November 10, 2008

Hay rides, mazes, and mountains!!

Sorry this post is late. I have not been feeling well at all lately. Thursday night I felt horrible and threw up around 11. I just don't get sick like that often. I was a bum all weekend because of my WONDERFUL husband!!! He took over and did pretty much everything. Yesterday I felt alive for a bit but this morning I have woken up to nausea again....urrrgh.

Anyway...Friday I dragged my not-feeling-so-well butt out of bed to get my kids to the field trip they had been looking forward to. It was a really nice time. The kids really enjoyed the hay mountain. It was HUGE!!

Here is my little pumpkin!!

There was a great hay maze too. They had the hay bales set up in a maze pattern but through it they also had tubes in it that you had to travel through to get to the end more quickly.

We also went on a hayride. Clara loved the hayride. She also enjoyed snacking on the hay....;)

I tried to get some good kid photos. I was able to get some great ones of Wanda and her kids but mine would not cooperate. So this is what I got. =)

Amy asked me to make some cupcakes for her son, Kyle's, soccer party. I thought they looked pretty good but I was not too happy with the moistness (lack thereof) of the cupcake. I made the mistake of trusting a recipe from a book I had used before with success. I will never do that again on the last minute!! They looked cute anyway!! Thanks Amy for asking!! I felt honored!


Anonymous said...

Awesome cupcakes! Clara looks so an almost-one year old! Sophia's party is on Saturday (sniffle, sniffle). Mama's baby is going to be one!

Anonymous said...

I cannot believe you are nauseated again! There is no way you could be pregnant is there? I hate that you are not feeling well again..

I love the pictures and I love the outfit little miss Clara has on! How cute is her little hair bow! I wish we would have gone because that sure did look like fun times at the pumpkin patch...

Aren't those the most adorable cupcakes? Who ordered those?? :o) What a great job they did! Thanks again for making them and again...they were just fine!

I hope you feel better...let me know if I can do anything for you...

much love..

Mikki said...

Shawna...time flies. Wait til your baby turns 13. Clara's baby stage is just going WAY TOO FAST!!! When I saw Sophia's video I thought, "We had better get on a roll." Clara does not know how to say she is one. She is probably sick of us today for saying, "Clara, how old are you?...One!!!" and making the sign with our fingers! =) When is Sophia's birth day? Clara's is the 19th and we will be having a family party this Sunday. It has really snuck up on me. I don't know if you have an open relationship with your birthmom, but it is truly a bittersweet time. I wish Tierra and her family were here in person to share this monumental stage with us. But then again there are many times a week that I wish they could see her smile in person, smell her, and hear her breathe. Okay...enough.

I have had a few other people ask if I could be pregnant too. Well, God can do anything but Clay had a vasectomy almost 7 years I highly doubt it. It would be WAY too soon. I wouldn't mind adding to the family (Clay would have to be on board of course) in a couple to a few years....maybe! Ask me then. LOL ;)

Katie Nichols said...

That looks like great fun! Where was this place? We loved Mrs. Wanda, she was Peyton's physical therapist. She was great. We lost her when Peyton turned 3. :-(

I hope you are feeling better by now.

Mikki said...

Katie...the pumpikin patch is in Pittsburg off 271. The kids really liked it a lot. I will tell Wanda that I know you. We have come to be really good friends this year. She is just someone that I can talk about anything to and forever with. We are totally comfortable with each other. It is not that often that you click with someone so easily, you know? She is in our homeschool group!!

Mikki said...

I am feeling better. Still worn out though...wait I am always worn out. ;)