Monday, November 24, 2008

New Traditions!!!

Well, I apologize it has been so long since I posted. I just have not made time to do it. My baby girl has been ONE since last Wednesday.
We are starting a new tradition of celebrating Clara's adoption at the Cracker Barrel. We asked Meemaw and Pawpaw to join us. Clay came up with the great idea to celebrate the adoption of Clara and the blessing of meeting her birthfamily by celebrating it every year around this time of year at the Cracker Barrel. You may be asking, "Why the Cracker Barrel?" This time last year we were in Utah meeting our baby girl along with her wonderful birthfamily. We truly miss them very much and cherish the wonderful time we spent with them. We spent our Thanksgiving Day last year at the Cracker Barrel with Tierra (Clara's birthmom), Jewel 6 (Clara's birth sister) and Dee 2 (Clara's birth brother). Syncere 9 (Clara's birth brother) was staying with his grandparents at the time to protect his heart from the unknowns of the adoption process at that time. We are saddened that we did not get to meet Syncere in person but look forward to the day where we are all together again hanging out and catching up at the Cracker Barrel and heading over to the indoor amusement park again. =) I cherish these pictures and look forward to getting LOTS more.....Did you hear me Tierra?? ;) We miss you guys a bunch!! I am so very, very thankful for having the honor of meeting Tierra and the kiddoes!! I know Clara will cherish the videos, the pictures, and the openness in our relationship to ask questions and talk as she feels ready. =)

The importance of this new tradition is to always have a special moment when we talk about how wonderful Clara's birthfamily is and how loved she is by so many people!! It is so important to us that Clara have an open-ended conversation about her adoption with the freedom to ask anything at any time. We always have an open-ended conversation with Christian about him being adopted by Clay at 2 years old after we were married. Just as Christian was/is a huge blessing to our family, Clara is also a huge blessing to our family. Our family would not be complete without adoption.

If you click the videos at the upper right corner there is a link of Clara riding the pony and catepillar!! Too cute!!

My Cullen and his love of chocolate....just like mommy!! Not paying $50 for that though. Good grief!!

This is my one-year-old, baby girl in the little white rockers right out front of Cracker Barrel!! She is growing way too fast! Here are a couple of newborn pics too....
Coming home (to hotel anyway) from the hospital!! =)

She was definitely worth the wait!!! She is sitting next to me right now holding a lifesaver above her head...shoot!! Wish I had a picture of that!! She LOVES playing with her big brothers!! I can't believe she is one already!!

Until next time......

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Anonymous said...

So awesome! What a wonderful tradition for your entire family! Our relationship with Sophia's natural mother isn't quite as open as yours is, but, I too, plan to keep the communication lines open for Sophia...and, really, for all of us. Here's to many, many more fun Cracker Barrel days for you guys!