Monday, April 26, 2010

New House?? Moving?? Sneak Peak….

Well it is chaotic around here!!  Why, did we want to move again?  Oh, I remember…here is a sneak peak.  We are trying to work out details to see if this might be our new place to call home.  It has a little of everything we want but we have to see if it is in God’s plans. 

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Our house is on the market as of almost a week ago.  Sunday we had 2 people come and see it.  Let me tell you if you have not gone through this….moving while trying to home-school 3 kiddoes and having one of them a toddler nonetheless is not easy!!  We are here all the time so on top of just trying to keep it picked up it also has to be “show” ready at the drop of a hat.  We have been hard at work doing things you always put off.  The whole house has been painted.  I started painting and got one half done and then said I was not doing anymore.  We hired someone to do the entry way, living/dining, and kitchen.  I then picked it back up and finished off the other end of the house.  So at least it is nice and clean and ready to go for summer if we should stay right here.  Which won’t be a punishment either!  =)  It is in God’s hands.  I forgot how much I don’t function well with things thrown up in the air and unsettled…..ugggghhh!  I am praying that within the next few days things will be determined whether we are movin’ or stayin’!  Please pray for our peace of mind and that God’s will be done!


Anonymous said...

Holy cow, Mikki...that looks amazing! I can't imagine keeping a house "show ready" while homeschooling and chasing Clara! I have a hard time keeping my (small) house "friend ready" and it's just me, Sophia and the dog!! You are super woman! :-)

Praying it you figure out if you're coming or going soon!


Laura said...

Can't wait to see more~! I know this has been in the works for a while!!

Mikki said...

Thanks guys! Laura we have been looking for quite some time now. We came close on one home but decided it was not the right time. This is a different home but hopefully it is in God's will and all will work out. It seems to be heading that way! =)

Life with the Akin Clan said...

Awesome House!! Hey email me! I went private and want to include but do not have your email addy!

Mikki said...

Aimee...I cannot find your email addy anywhere...can you send it to me.