Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Easter…this and that

I am an awful blogger!  I just don’t make time to sit down to do it.  I promise I am trying to get better or at least think about being better at it a LOT!  =)


We made another trip to the Daffodil gardens and Amy took this pic of us.  Clara was not in the mood for a photo shoot at all! 

  Easter '10 This & That 005

Clara is loving playing football with the guys.  She loves to huddle and make her plays and then clap when they break.  The first shot is a look at Clara ready or Daddy to say, “hut, hut!”

Easter '10 This & That 042 Easter '10 This & That 025 Easter '10 This & That 030 Easter '10 This & That 035 Easter '10 This & That 036

We had our first swim of the season.  It was a quick swim because they were freezing but they wanted to swim.  They had fun in the probably 15-minute swim.  Christian has not made his swim yet as he was not here.  Katelyn and Dalton joined in on the swim.

Easter '10 This & That 068 Easter '10 This & That 069 Easter '10 This & That 057 Easter '10 This & That 058 Easter '10 This & That 062

Now, a quick glimpse of Easter.   We went to Meemaw and Pawpaw’s house to celebrate.  The boys enjoyed their first innertubing adventure of the year!!  They also enjoyed helping Clara hunt her Easter eggs.  I am trying to upload a video so you guys can hear her hunting the eggs.  Her excitement is hilarious!! 

Easter '10 This & That 071Easter '10 This & That 072Easter '10 This & That 078Easter '10 This & That 104   

Meemaw blew bubbles for Clara.  She had so much fun chasing them and trying to catch them.

Easter '10 This & That 083 Easter '10 This & That 084 Easter '10 This & That 089

The boys were all about helping her find the loot!Easter '10 This & That 091 Easter '10 This & That 094 Easter '10 This & That 097

I am going to try to post more soon!!

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