Friday, September 12, 2008

School stuff, Park Day and bathtub fun!

Christian did his first Science experiment yesterday. Meemaw was able to be here for it. He is still finishing up his informal lab report but it was a good, successful experiment. It was demonstrating that there are atoms. He poured veg oil, water, and maple syrup into a clear bottle. They then separate into their layers. He dropped a grape, ice cube, piece of cork, and a rock. They all dispersed into their different layers. The rock on the bottom, the grape sat on top of the maple syrup, the ice cube sat on top of the water layer, and the cork bobbed on top of the veg oil. Here is a cute snapshot with Christian and his experiment.

Today was our first park day since school started. Here is a large picture of the group. It is sucha great feeling to see all these kids and know that it is a small handful of the kids in our homeschool group!!
Here is a clip of Clara in the bathtub. She loves the water. She especially gets a kick out of laying on her back and laughing. She thinks it is so neat. I have tried to get her laughing really loudly but whenever I get the camera out she gets shy!! Here is what I got. Just click the link b/c I cannot get it to post on here for some reason....urrrrrgh. There is a lso a link to Clara swining and laughing. She loves to swing!!

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