Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Creation....and today.

Today was a great day but went way too fast. We had a great day of school. In History we learned that the Garden of Eden was located in Asia probably in Iraq (Mesopotamia). It is so interesting and an honor to learn things like this with the boys. Things I sure did not learn in school as I was growing up. Here is a shot of the boys art History activity. The assignment for Cullen was to create a man or beast that God had made to see the difficulty of His creations. For Christian it was a bit different. He was to create an all new creation and name it. This was to give the boys an idea of the difficulty and the Greatness of our God. Christian called his a Minx and Cullen's was a man. =) The boys are enjoying the more hands-on activites that this year is going to hold.
Tomorrow am having an Open House with Christian's English teacher online. I am curious as to how this will go.

The boys had their 2nd gymnastics class today. Christian was not feeling well towards the end but they both still enjoyed it.
I am going to be making some fondant flip flops tonight and hopefully some "successful" beach balls tomorrow night for the birthday cupcakes I am making for a party on Saturday. I also get to make cupcakes for Matt & Candy's shower for this weekend. I am hoping the weather will continue to clear up and God will provide us with a beautiful day to enjoy his wonders out doors. If it is not His will for clearer skies, then we will enjoy his wonders from inside and have a great time also!!

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