Tuesday, August 5, 2008

A monumental day.....good and bad

Well, today Clara is sick for the first time ever!! She is hanging in there with a runny nose and she is starting to cough a bit, but she is just hanging in there. She is so fantastic even sick. She is much fussier though and lets me know when she has had enough of anything. She does NOT like her nose being wiped either.

On a great huge note, Clara is CRAWLING!!! I cannot believe my baby girl is crawling. She is no longer going backwards but put it into forward gear. Man, kids grow way too fast. I just want to freeze it for a while. Guess what, of course we have a video of Clara crawling. =)

This weekend was a very busy one. This past week the boys had been going to drama camp at the church from 9-3. Friday was production day. Here are a few pics. The last picture is of Clara and Sara (my cousin's little girl). They are exactly a week apart, Clara being the oldest.

Saturday we woke up bright and early and headed out for the boys' first triathlon. They had a great time. They are and should be very proud of themselves.

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stacy said...

Way to go Clara on the crawling and blowing sugars! Delaney was absolutely riveted to the video, and kept doing what seems to be her sign for more! Hoping it'll serve as inspiration, and now I know what to come back to when the cold crabbies kick in again (sounds like they've handled their first colds about the same as one another). Clara is so cute!

And way to go guys on your big endeavor - amazing!