Sunday, August 17, 2008

This weekend

Thursday we had a get together with a few friends to swim together. I got out the camera a little too late as 2 families had already left. Amy and Kyle came, Sherry and Jairus and Joseph came, Amy with Josh, Andrew, Amanda, Jaiden, and Daniel came, Laura and Ethan and Isaac. It was a really nice time and we need to make time to do it more often.

We had a great weekend. We celebrated a baby shower for Cindy (sister-in-law) who is pregnant with their 2nd child and is having a baby boy!! We are so excited! I made cupcakes for her shower and really enjoyed doing it! I am finding a new love in baking and decorating. Really it is the decorating part but you have to bake something to decorate. I even had someone ask me to make cupcakes for their daughters' birthday!! I was so honored. I am hoping it will work out to be able to do it. she wants a beach theme with flip flop cupcakes and beach balls. It sounds so fun to do. It is also the same day as the wedding shower my mom and I are giving my brother and I am also doing something for it. So not sure if I will be able to make that many cupcakes/cakes in that amount of time. Hopefully the birthday party will be small b/c the will be fun to do.

Cindy's shower was fantastic and she received a lot of wonderful things to welcome Pierce David into this world!! Clara and Pierce will be just about 1 year apart. They will be great playmates!!

Here is a little video clip of Clara. We were trying to get her to copy Clay but she would not do it for the camera. Instead it was almost bedtime and she was insistant for milk. She even did the sign for milk. It was really neat to see her communicate with us in this way.

Today was the first day we tried to put Clara in the nursery at church. I know, I know, she is almost 9 months old, BUT with the two boys I am just painfully aware of how fast they grow up and Clay and I do not want to miss a minute of her!! I think Clay is even worse than I am. =) We got paged twice as she was ticked when her bottle was finished (very normal and nursery time is nap time BIG conflict). Clara LOVEs to get in HER bed. She is the only child I have had that really enjoys getting into her bed. You can just see "AWWWWEEE" reflected on her face as she cuddles in for night-night time or nap time. WE have switched churches and at our old church I was the nursery worker every week. At our new church I am not the worker anymore (which I miss). But I will enjoy sharing Bible studies with Clay in our time together. We will see how next Sunday goes. She enjoyed herself but when she wanted familiar faces she let those ladies know. That is my girl!!! I don't blame her one bit. I went for the first page and played with her on the floor a bit and left out for church again. The second page was at the end of service and Clay just brought her back to us. =) She is definitely a daddy's girl. I love it and Clay just has that joy and happiness oozing all about him as he is so proud of his girl!

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Candy (bobotobe!) said...

WOW! The cupcakes and display turned out FANTASTIC! So beautiful and artisticly done!! :) I hated I missed the shower, but I'm STILL sick..Ginger got me some good med's today, so hopefully I'll be feeling better soon! Way to go!!..and, as long as my cupcakes get first priority, I approve you doing the others!! ;)