Friday, August 22, 2008

9 months old!!

Clara had her 9 month doctor's appointment yesterday. We actuallly bought a special little outfit. =) Having a girl is so much fun! She is doing fantastic!! She is eating table food, her favorite is guacamole. She is 29 inches (91%), weighs 23 lbs (97%). Needless to say she is a big, beautiful, healthy baby girl. She is standing up on furniture and trying to travel around. She crawls everywhere and gets into EVERYTHING!!! She is doing a great job being a fantastic baby girl. She likes playing patty cake and enjoys clapping. She has brought so much into our world.

I finally got in my sleep caps that I ordered from Nadia. I found out about them on my adoptionhair_skincare Yahoo Group. You can also see more pics on They stayed on!!! She does not mind it at all and it keeps her hair so nice and beautiful! The only bummer is you cannot pick out the fabric of your choice. As you can see in the last pic, Clara is standing in her crib. It is amazing to me how fast she is growing. Her next appointment is in December...She will be ONE! I cannot believe it. Life just flies by.

As you can see in most of her pictures is her new-found love for her tongue. She always has it out. I am biased, but she has got to be the cutest kid I have ever seen. Others must feel this way too because we hear it all the time from everyone!! ;)

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Jennifer's Family said...

She is adorable! How does the sleep cap stay on? Is there a minimum age for it to be used? My Emmerson is just five months. She hardly has much hair, but she is rather bald in the back - not such a flattering look! :-)

Jennifer G.