Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Doctor Visit, growing, growing, growing

Clara had her 4-month checkup Friday despite the fact that she will be 5 months old in a couple of days. She is doing fantastic!!! She is rollling over, eating solids (apple sauce, carrots, broccoli, avacado, rice cereal on occasion, banana, peas, sweet potatoes). She was 18-1/2 lbs (98%), 25.2 inches (67%). I have not vaccinated her yet but am contemplating how I want to give them. I think I am 95% sure that she needs some of them. I am still researching them.

She has discovered her voice too and she likes to hear herself talk (as do we), but she has also learned how to scream/squeal super loud. (painfully loud). It is cute though. She woke us up one morning at 6:30 squealing to her delight in her bassinett right next to our bed. She was having a blast!! She is sleeping GREAT! She woke me up at about 8 this morning and went to sleep about 8 or so last night. Her bedtime is creeping up a little early since we are getting active earlier in the morning. We were getting up around 6-7 and feeding and then sleeping until 9 or 10. We are waking now at about 8 and trying to stay up which has put a kink in her napping thus putting her ready to bed before 9.

I will try to write more later. Have to get busy with school this morning and Clara is not too happy at the moment. I just wanted to share her doctor's appointment with you guys.

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