Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Meemaw's Party, Fear Factor and more....

Sunday was Meemaw's (my mom's) 57th birthday!! We celebrated it Saturday with meemaw, pawpaw, Matt (my brother), Candy (Matt's fiance), and our little family. We had a great time. We drove and visited a winery that Matt and Candy are going to have rehearsal dinner at. It was FANTASTIC!! Candy has such great taste. After that we came ate out and my uncle and grandma joined us. Then we all went bowling. It was a great time together.
Again, click on the X to see the slideshow.

Here are some shots of Cullen and Clara in the bathtub. Cullen was a big help with Clara. She has outgrown her baby bathtub and he held and played with her while I washed her up and combed her hair.

This Sunday we had our 2nd annual Family Fear Factor Olympics. Our church gets together and does an obstacle course of good, gross, tough stuff and we cook out and have fellowship. Here is a clip of some of the events. Click the X box. Not sure why the pics are showing up to play the slideshow.

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