Monday, January 10, 2011

Christmas Catch Up

Again….I am playing catch up!  Uggghhh!!  I always feels so bad when I don’t update the blog regularly.  I really want to print this off and keep it as a scrap-type book of our day to day life but it is turning out to be playing catch up and a month-to-month view of our life.  I guess that is better than nothing though.  LOL!  =D

We had Christmas with Clay’s parents at their house.  We had a white elephant Christmas and it was a BLAST!  We also played a Farkle tournament.  Of course, Santa came for the kiddoes and big kids as well. 

Christmas 2010 016  Christmas 2010 019

Christmas 2010 029Clara got a great dress from Clint and Cindy…she is a princess!  This pic cracks me up b/c she cannot stand in those shoes.  She started to fall back and caught herself by catching Taffy. Christmas 2010 030 Christmas 2010 031

Mike & his family came in right before Christmas.  They made a visit to Arkansas to see if it might be a potential home state for them soon.  We shall see….I am praying it all works out and they move much closer.  Would rather drive 6-8 hours than have to plan to fly to see them.  My kiddoes sure enjoyed hanging out with the boys.  They spent a night with us before we headed back to Meemaw & Pawpaw’s for Christmas.  They played hide and seek and did not stop!    Christmas 2010 033 Christmas 2010 038 Christmas 2010 040

Clara even was in on the game with the big boys!Christmas 2010 041 Christmas 2010 043

After we made it to Meemaw and Pawpaw’s we celebrated Christmas!  We changed things up a bit this year and I feel they will be changed back to the old traditions.  Whatever works for me b/c I enjoyed seeing everyone, being together.  Christmas 2010 045 Christmas 2010 046 Christmas 2010 049

Jerry & MoMo (Morgan) Christmas 2010 051

GG Christmas 2010 052

All the grandkids together in their Rangers shirts…Go Rangers!!Christmas 2010 055 Christmas 2010 056

Pawpaw explaining white elephant.  It did not go over so well with most of the fam.  =(Christmas 2010 058 Christmas 2010 062

All the girls…trying to make this a yearly pic.  My Mom, Candy, myself, and Casey!Christmas 2010 065


We saved a bit for Christmas morning.  The kids lined up to see what Christmas brought them.  Christmas 2010 066 Christmas 2010 067 Christmas 2010 068

Smoothie King Cookies and free smoothies of course were stocking stuffers!!  Christmas 2010 072 Christmas 2010 074 Christmas 2010 075 Christmas 2010 083Clara on her Sesame Street couch.  The boys got Ipod Touches…well papers that told them they could pick out what they wanted to make sure they got the Ipod they wanted.  Christmas 2010 078 Christmas 2010 082  Meemaw and Pawpaw with the kids showing off their lovely pics of my beautiful children!!  LOL!!  What better gift could you get!?!

And I will leave you with this lovely pic of Clara’s plumber’s crack in front of the beautiful, warm, cozy fire at Meemaw and Pawpaw’s!  Love this!!  She is so tall and skinny it is hard to buy pants for the girl that fit right.  They are either too big around the waist or too short!  Look at her cute little hiney!!Christmas 2010 085

I will try to post a couple days in a row to catch up!!

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