Tuesday, January 11, 2011

An Eagle & a canine good citizen!!

The other day Christian took a photo of this in our backyard!  Isn’t it beautiful!  I hate I missed seeing it in person but just like his Momma…..he grabbed the camera to capture the moment. Cullen's 11th bday and snow day 001

I have been slowly making progress with Mya’s training.  She is now almost 10 months old.  She is still ALL puppy in the house but out and about she really is proving that she will mature into a fantastic girl!  On Wednesday the 5th I took her to take her CGC (canine good citizen) test.  The test consists of 10 items. 

1. Accepting a friendly stranger.  Mya did great with this.  Although protective, Mya does not seem to know a stranger…or at least when I say it is okay….the love pours out!

2. Sit politely for petting.  She struggled on the slick floors but did GREAT!

3. Appearance and grooming.  Evaluator inspects the dog, combs/brushes lightly, and examines ears and feet. She did really well considering she does not get brushed.  I constantly pick her feet up, mess with her mouth, ears, tails, etc.  Don’t want her to be surprised by anything. 

4. Out for a walk which includes maintaining control of the dog and a left, right, about turn, and stop.  Mya usually does fantastic on lead.  She really listens to me when she knows she is working.  The key is to remind her she is working and keep her in that mode.

5. Walking through a crowd.  She breezed through this.  She was more interested in the treats and toys in the aisle. ;)

6. Sit and down on command and stay in place.  Mya did very well.  I am proud of her especially since our training has slacked lately in this department. 

7. Coming when called….see above.  She could have done better in my opinion but did enough to pass this test. ;)

8. Reaction to another dog.  Two handlers and their dogs approach, shake hands, talk and move on.  Dogs cannot react poorly and show more than casual interest in each other.  Mya was more interested in the handler (shocking,really).  This was the lightbulb moment that I need to keep her in a working mode and not slack that we are being casual.  I made her sit b/c when she didn’t she felt free to sniff the other handler and showed too much interest.  When sitting and strictly working she completely paid attention to me and what I wanted.  So good lesson learned and she still passed this section. 

9. Reaction to distractions.  The evaluator threw a heavy metal bowl onto the floor.  The dogs cannot act scared, aggressive, or in any other unfavorable way.  Mya breezed through this section.  She is not a skittish girl!

10. Supervised Separation.  Mya struggled with this a LOT!  I had to go out of sight for 3 min. and leave her with the evaluator.  We will continue to work on this.  She is a big baby and wants to be with me when she is out and about.  The evaluator was a bit lenient and allowed us to pass this last section of the test! =D

Mya overall did fantastic and PASSED her test.  When all the paperwork is done she will officially be Hillco’s My Little Darlin’, CGC.  Well, actually I don’t know if they do that anymore but it means a LOT to me.  It gives me a reward in the middle of our training and encouragement to continue on.  I hope to compete in rally and/or obedience with her.  I have also contemplated using her as a therapy dog.  I think it would be great for her and others along with my children going and taking part in it also.  Maybe my next update will be her getting some points in rally on our way to her becoming Hillco’s My Little Darlin’, CGC, RN (rally novice)!!  =)

Taking part in obedience and to enjoy it with a dobie has been a dream of mine for many years.  Although I think I jumped the gun by getting a dog too soon b/c I could not wait any longer, I am thrilled with Mya and I hope I can make enough time to continue through with our training and my goals for us.  It is tough making the time with being the Mom, wife, teacher, housekeeper, chauffer, chef, etc. all the while trying to get myself back into top physical shape.   When you throw in a big puppy you remember just how much you already had to do!!  =)Regardless, I just love that big goof ball!!  I am proud of her and myself too.  ;)  Here is a pic of Mya and I with the evaluator, Tina.  She is a really neat lady!  (not a great pic of Mya or me but it documents the moment!)  I have to throw in that Cullen went with us and he was so GREAT!  He took video and pics for me to see what we could work on and how we looked working together.  The evaluator did nothing but compliment what a well-behaved, polite young man he was.  She said I was training them both quite well…LOL!! 

Cullen's 11th bday and snow day 007

I will try to post today or tomorrow the celebration of my middle kiddo turning ELEVEN!!  Life just flies by!! 

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Dana said...

Congratulations! That is so wonderful. My daughter is working with her little English Shepherd for obedience and agility through 4-H. She's interest in competing outside that, though, and if she keeps it up, we just might let her.