Monday, December 13, 2010

More Camping Adventures!

We went away this weekend on another camping trip. We LOVE it! We have so much fun just hanging out together with no interruptions, going on hikes, playing on the playgrounds, and other fun adventures we can get into…I mean find. =) It was a beautiful weekend. We hesitated going b/c there was a chance of rain and it was supposed to get COLD! Well Friday and Saturday were wonderful. Saturday evening it started getting cold and Sunday was beautiful too but got pretty chilly. Overall, It was a perfect weekend for camping. I did discover that my weeny dobie needs to have a jacket. She was pretty chilled the whole time, even in the trailer. We haven’t turned on the heat yet in the trailer….Clay tried b/c Mya seemed so cold but we couldn’t get it going. Clay thinks we need more propane. We really don’t have much desire to run the heat (A/C too) b/c it is noisy. The best advice was given to us….get heating blankets!! They work wonderfully and you feel all toasty and comfy snuggled under it sleeping while it is freezing outside. But that didn’t help Mya any. The dogs kennel inside the trailer so they are sheltered from the cold. The dogs kenneled together on this trip and I think they enjoyed the extra warmth. We even covered Mya up with some extra towels. So next camping pics might include Mya in a stylish winter jacket….LOL! Pathetic, huh?!?Tyler State Park Dec. '10 064

We really enjoyed this state park. It was beautiful and more hiking trails than we could walk in a week! We arrived at dark and knew we were by the water but the view when we woke up was very nice!

Tyler State Park Dec. '10 002 Tyler State Park Dec. '10 003 Tyler State Park Dec. '10 004

This was Clara’s “fishing pole” she made. She kept saying, “shhh, I’m fishing!” Tyler State Park Dec. '10 008Tyler State Park Dec. '10 007

Clara and I found a secret passage to the lake. She then showed Daddy and the boys when they got back to camp. Tyler State Park Dec. '10 009 Tyler State Park Dec. '10 011 Tyler State Park Dec. '10 014

When the boys went off hiking on their own they found a great surprise! A fantastic rope swing! We all tried it out except Clara…she will have to wait a few years! She wanted to go so bad!! The water was really beautiful and it reminded me of Arkansas. Tyler State Park Dec. '10 016 Tyler State Park Dec. '10 018 Tyler State Park Dec. '10 030Tyler State Park Dec. '10 031Tyler State Park Dec. '10 036Tyler State Park Dec. '10 028 Tyler State Park Dec. '10 040

My 3 monkeys!! Christian is at the tip top…..He can climb anything!Tyler State Park Dec. '10 052 Tyler State Park Dec. '10 027

The campgrounds had a great playground! Tyler State Park Dec. '10 059

Clay and Christian had a contest to see who could climb up the rock wall with no hands the fastest….Daddy actually won! We were all blown away that he beat Christian!Tyler State Park Dec. '10 062 Tyler State Park Dec. '10 063

Clara all bundled up on Sunday! She has footed PJs on and then her outfit Candy and Matt got her for her birthday! We had a blast! Ready to go again!Tyler State Park Dec. '10 065

I also had to add that we found our first letterbox on this camping trip. There were supposed to be two hidden but only one was intact. It is such a fun time to follow all the clues and end up with the "prize"! I took this pic with my phone so not the best.

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