Thursday, December 9, 2010

Somebody is 3! & Thanksgiving too!

I am doing it again….lumping multiple things into one post.  Why do I stink so bad at blogging?  Uggghh!  Anyway…here goes!

My baby girl turned THREE on Nov. 19th!!  She was also sick on top of it.  So we had a family party planned but canceled it so we wouldn’t share her sickness with others.  We had a quiet little party just the 5 of us.  We had a good time celebrating the blessing of Clara!  The girl LOVES Smoothie King (she calls it Smoothie Came) and asked for a smoothie along with the vegan cookies they sell.  How bad are we…we had no candles so a baking/cookie stick did the trick.  Clara's 3rd birthday (sick) 016Clara's 3rd birthday (sick) 019Clara's 3rd birthday (sick) 018 She was in heaven with her smoothie and cookie!

Clara's 3rd birthday (sick) 021Clara's 3rd birthday (sick) 006Clara's 3rd birthday (sick) 020 Taffy and Papa Dave got Clara the play-doh set and the cutest PJ’s!  They sent them home from work with Clay so she could open them up on her birthday. Clara's 3rd birthday (sick) 012 Clara's 3rd birthday (sick) 013Clara's 3rd birthday (sick) 027

Clara loves all things teeth!  She will probably be an orthodontist or dentist when she grows up.  I bought her some toothbrushes.  This was her favorite present.  Clara's 3rd birthday (sick) 024      

Notice in this pic she has not put down the toothbrushes yet!! and when inspecting the other gifts, YEP!  Still holding the toothbrushes!Clara's 3rd birthday (sick) 025 Clara's 3rd birthday (sick) 026

I am including the pics of Clara opening up her gifts from Meemaw and Pawpaw (out of order) b/c she opened them on Thanksgiving but it is still part of her birthday. 

 Thanksgiving 2010, etc 030 Thanksgiving 2010, etc 017 - Copy Thanksgiving 2010, etc 018 - Copy Thanksgiving 2010, etc 019 - Copy Thanksgiving 2010, etc 020 Thanksgiving 2010, etc 021 - Copy Thanksgiving 2010, etc 022 - Copy Thanksgiving 2010, etc 024 - Copy

This is an AWFUL pic b/c of the flash but Meemaw had gotten this for Clara 2 YEARS ago!!!  It is a china tea set.  It is beyond sweet and the cutest thing!  Thanksgiving 2010, etc 026 - Copy Thanksgiving 2010, etc 027 - Copy Clara liked it!Thanksgiving 2010, etc 028 - Copy

Meemaw also picked out the sweetest book called The Little Teacup that Talked.  It made me cry!  She also included a book Little Girls Bible Storybook for Mothers and Daughters. 

I cannot believe my girl is THREE!!  Life flies by so fast!  She is smart, funny, thoughtful, stubborn, and beautiful!  She loves to do her schoolwork and will ask to do it.  She was getting her hair trimmed the other day and while sitting in the chair she asked to do schoolwork when we got home.  ;)  She got her first professional hair trim on Tuesday.  She was not too thrilled with the experience but was thrilled when Sirmunia did her nails after we finished.  fingernails 001 She loved it!

Saturday, the 20th, Clay and Cullen headed out to Houston for Cullen’s purity weekend.  It came up so fast.  Clay did a great job of planning it.  He got VIP tickets to the Toby Mac concert.  They got to go backstage and do  Q&A session with the bands, and a tour of the center.  I gave Cullen my camera and had high hopes for lots of pics……these were all I got!!Thanksgiving 2010, etc 006 Thanksgiving 2010, etc 001 Thanksgiving 2010, etc 003 Thanksgiving 2010, etc 004

If you want to know more about purity weekends here is a peak of Christian’s purity weekend post here.  I go into more detail of the lessons used to teach how important it is for our children to stay pure for their future spouses.  Cullen is much more quiet and reserved about sharing about his weekend.  I pray that he protects his heart and chooses his friends wisely.  I pray that he will choose a spouse that is Godly.  Cullen said he had a lot of fun but getting anything else from  him is like pulling teeth.  =(

We also enjoyed a great Thanksgiving.   Taffy (Clay’s Mom) had a kid table set up to have a drawing contest for being thankful.  They had fun.  Then we all played Farkle!  We had a BLAST!!  We then went to my Mom and Dad’s and enjoyed dinner with my Matt, Candy, Mom, Dad, GG, Jerry, and his daughter, Melissa, and her 2 girls age 3 and 4 months.  There is so much to be thankful for!  We are so blessed!Thanksgiving 2010, etc 008   Thanksgiving 2010, etc 011 - Copy Thanksgiving 2010, etc 014 - Copy

Christian got to drive the boom lift my parent’s neighbors had rented to trim trees.  He had a blast!Thanksgiving 2010, etc 034 Thanksgiving 2010, etc 035

Here are some pics of my 3 year old!  Thanksgiving 2010, etc 040 - Copy Thanksgiving 2010, etc 041 - Copy

Thanksgiving 2010, etc 042 - CopyHere she is eating a tomato at the boys flag football game.  We had bought them at the farmer’s market before the father/son game.  She got hungry and asked if she could eat one of the tomatoes…she ate it just like an apple but ended up sucking all the seeds right out of it!! Thanksgiving 2010, etc 049Thanksgiving 2010, etc 047 - Copy

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