Thursday, November 18, 2010

More Camping & Clara’s Preschool

We are having so much fun camping!  We took a 2-day trip this past weekend.  It was a great time.  It is nice to slow down, talk, have devotional time around the fire and genuinely enjoy each other’s company. 

Brushy Creek Camping & preschool stuff 025 Brushy Creek Camping & preschool stuff 003 Brushy Creek Camping & preschool stuff 004 Brushy Creek Camping & preschool stuff 006 Brushy Creek Camping & preschool stuff 007

I tried to take some photos from the inside but it just looks junked and crowded and it really isn’t.  This is Mya in her bed and her kennel in her little corner.  Brushy Creek Camping & preschool stuff 008 You can see that she is just in the “hallway” that leads to a door on your right which is the bathroom and then on to the boys “room” at the end of the RV.  Our bedroom (Clara too) is at the opposite end of the RV.  The word bedroom literally means a queen-size bed….=)Brushy Creek Camping & preschool stuff 009 This is a pic of Clara showing you around.  She is standing with the fridge on her right side and the stove/sink on her left side.  Rustie is in his kennel right next to her.    Brushy Creek Camping & preschool stuff 010

Here are the boys climbing the dam wall of the lake.  We were on a hunt for letterboxes.  Letterboxing is very similar to a scavenger hunt but you are looking for a particular object that people hide different places.  There were supposed to be 2 boxes hidden at this location, but there were not there anymore.  They will need to be replaced.  It was still fun looking for them and knowing we found the secret location they were once at.   We will definitely continue letterboxing on our camping trips and on other occasions too.  Brushy Creek Camping & preschool stuff 014 Brushy Creek Camping & preschool stuff 015 Isn’t it beautiful!?!Brushy Creek Camping & preschool stuff 018 Brushy Creek Camping & preschool stuff 020 Brushy Creek Camping & preschool stuff 021 Brushy Creek Camping & preschool stuff 022

Well, my girl is going to be 3 (THREE) tomorrow!!  I cannot believe how fast time just flies by.  I have started searching for a preschool program that will focus on a Biblical foundation and go out from there.  I want to really teach Clara to have God’s word in her heart.  Since I was such a young, immature parent with the boys this was really lacking and still is.  As I mature in Christ, He opens my eyes and shows me my shortcomings so I can pick up the slack and be on par where He wants me.  I really desire for my children to have a personal relationship with Christ and to call on Him for everything. I want them to search out a strong, Christian spouse who has a heart for God.  In the meantime, it is our job as parents to equip them and not just want this for them but to provide the opportunity to learn these things and to watch us put it into action too.  If we do not do this for ourselves our children will not see the importance in it.  I am really pleased with this blog .  She has been an inspiration to me.  All the ideas below came directly from her blog since I don’t have a creative bone in my body.  

This is our small board with our shape, trait, color, state, animal, and our letter on it.  Brushy Creek Camping & preschool stuff 035

Here are a couple of pics from Clara’s work today.  My baby girl is very sick right now but just keeps trucking along.  Brushy Creek Camping & preschool stuff 036 Brushy Creek Camping & preschool stuff 037

This is our board with what we want  to learn for this unit of the Letter L, number 1, and sight word “see”.  It has our Bible verse and a tangible way to use this verse in her daily life.  It also has a song.  This unit’s verse is Matthew 5:16 “Let your light sine before men, that they may see your good works and glorify your Father in heaven.”  I love that she gives you a tangible way to teach your child how to put this verse into action.  obey Mommy/Daddy, be kind to others, learn about God, tell the truth, share, show love to others, be brave, and tell others about Jesus.  How great is that!!  Our song is This Little Light of Mine.Brushy Creek Camping & preschool stuff 039There is a small book at the top left.  Here are some close ups of the pages.  There are all L words and one of them and it also use our sight word “see”.  Clara loves it!!  She has read it a few times today.  Brushy Creek Camping & preschool stuff 041  Brushy Creek Camping & preschool stuff 040

I have also ordered a few other things that will be coming.  As I incorporate them I will try and blog about it.  It will also hopefully hold me accountable. 

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