Monday, August 2, 2010

Big Bad Musical & New Addition to the Family

Well, again it has been too long since I blogged.  I have too much to try and cram into one post but I will try.

Christian was involved in a play with the children’s theater.  It was a great play.  It was a musical and comedy in one.  It was a combination of all the fairy tale characters.  The Big Bad Wolf was on trial and ultimately it was up to the audience to determine if he was innocent or guilty.  It was GREAT!  Here are some shots.  We also had the cast party over here and I think everyone had a great time. 

Big Bad Musical party & Miley 012 Big Bad Musical party & Miley 014 Big Bad Musical party & Miley 016Big Bad Musical party & Miley 009Big Bad Musical party & Miley 011 Big Bad Musical party & Miley 027 Big Bad Musical party & Miley 028  

This past Wednesday I finally added an addition to our family I have been wanting for many, many, many years.  I have always LOVED dogs and have had an involvement with them whether it was through work (vet’s office, dog groomer), dog rescue/fostering, training, etc.  I have always dreamed of doing competitive obedience with a Doberman.  I love the breed, their dedication, loyalty, intelligence, and of course their looks.  Well, life has always gotten in the way of me taking the time to work on this dream.  The kids’ upbringing and education are my #1 priority but I have also decided I need to have something just for me too.  A time I get away even if it is just a couple hours a week and focus on a hobby for myself.  Okay….now….introducing……Mya or her AKC name is HillCo’s Devil Woman!  I know…I know…not a fan of her AKC name but I am hoping that one day it will look like this HillCo’s Devil Woman, CD RN WAC CGC (etc, etc. not sure how all the titles work but you get the idea)  The titles after her name will be accomplishments we have made together in obedience/rally, temperament testing, etc.  Mya 19 weeks 001

She is almost 20 weeks old.  In that picture she looks like such a grown dog but she is still very much a puppy.  Here are some puppy pics of her and her litter mates.  R1- 6A 002484-R1-03-22 002484-R1-15-10

Here are some the day after I brought her home…meeting everyone.  Mya 004 Big Bad Musical party & Miley 049 Big Bad Musical party & Miley 033 Big Bad Musical party & Miley 034

I will probably have to post her ears for another month or so and then we will be finished with that.  She is a real sweetie with a fantastic temperament.  She is very calm and well behaved for a puppy.  She is doing pretty good at housebreaking and will get there soon enough.  She is just great!

On another note, my boys will be gone for over a week!  They left early Saturday morning.  They are traveling up north with my Mom and Dad to visit with my brother and his family.  They are making some stops in Kentucky (to visit some cave), Niagara Falls, and also New York City.  When they get up to Boston they will also be traveling to Vermont to enjoy a 4-day Christian concert/event while camping in the mountains of Vermont.  I am kind of jealous but oh, so happy for them!  I miss them so much already.  They will be back next Monday or Tuesday.  Please keep them in your prayers for safe travel there and back and a blessed time together with the Meemaw and Pawpaw and their cousins, aunt, and uncle. 

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