Thursday, August 5, 2010

Girly time!!

Since the boys are off having a blast in the north, Clara and I are having our girly time together.  I will admit…this age 2-3 is a HARD time for me.  I don’t handle, “No, I don’t want to”, whining, etc. that comes with that age frame very well.  I never thought I would have a girly girl….but that she is.  The other day we experienced our first pedicures together.  Clara really liked it.  She was bummed that she did not get to do the lotion/massage and bath for your feet.  ;)  Next time I will make sure they let her do it.  Since it was the first time I was not sure how she was going to handle it all.  She went first and then I got my pedi on.  She did well waiting but did not like that she missed out on those few extras Mommy got and not Clara.  After the pedis, we ran into a couple of stores.  Clara really likes to shop!  Maybe she will help me become a shopper.  I mentioned to her that we were going to Target and she squealed with delight at the top of her lungs and said, “TAAAAARRRRRRGGGGGEEEEETTTT!!!!”  I wish you could have heard her.  A few ladies in the store we were in started laughing and said everyone feels that way about Target…LOL .  When we arrived at Target Clara proceeded to ask for “Clara shoes?”  She likes her shoes too!!  We did not get shoes that trip but she handled the let down well. 

Enjoy the shot of her precious, precious toes!  They are pretty pink with a pretty little white flower on her toes.  She is proud of them!  I look forward to many more Mommy/daughter pedi days! 

Clara pedicure 002 Clara pedicure 001

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