Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Princesses, dare devils, and swordsmanship!

Here are a couple of photos of Clara. Here lately she is loving dressing up as a princess! We have 3 princess dresses thanks to Cousin KK for sharing hers with us since she is too big for them now.

Also....what do you get when you leave Clara in her room alone to play for a while??? Well, you get emptied out dresser drawers, a mess on the floor, and drawers used as a ladder. Then you have a happy little Clara sitting on top of her dresser, oh, so proud of herself!

Today was the last sword fighting class. The guys were paired with a sword fighting partner and they created their own performance fight. You can click on the video links at the top right to see each boy's fight. Christian was paired with Caroline and Cullen was paired with Josh. I think they did fantastic!! I am so proud of them! We cannot wait to start up again when the next classes are offered. They worked well together and had great Christian fellowship together. Kevin was a wonderful teacher that made God the center and tried hard to equip the kids with the drive to shine a light on Christ so that they can be equipped to "defend" their faith no matter what. Here are some shots from the last class.
Clara even got into the sword fighting....=) She copies everything her brothers do!

I loved this shot of Clara and Christian. They took a break for a minute and Clara was right by his side.

There was plenty of applause for how wonderful Christian and Cullen did!

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