Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Labor Day and Somebody is sleeping in a big girl bed!!!

We had a great Labor Day weekend. Friday night the boys spent the night with KK at thelake with Taffy & Papa Dave. Saturday was Family Fun Day and they asked for them to stay the night. They woke up Saturday and headed to the beach. Clay and I met Clint and Cindy at their cabin on the lake to ride over to the beach and join in the fun. I have a lot of pics to share with you guys.
We jumped in the boat and headed over to the beach.

Pierce was sitting in Clay's lap and Clara can get very jealous/possesive of her things which of course Daddy is her's. =)

Here is a shot of the beach set up before we pulled up. They had big blow up slides and bounce houses set up.

Here is Christian. When we pulled up to the beach he was in a huge pile of sand, of course. He was buried up to his neck. =D

Here is a shot of Pierce. He will be ONE at the end of this month. The year has just flown by!!

The blow up slides were fun and Cullen talked Clara into going down by going down first and showing her. Then Christian took her up and they had fun going down the slide.

Then the bigger kids played some volleyball. Christian, Clay, Dickey (Clay's uncle), and a couple his kids and spouses, Clint (Clay's brother), and myself had a great time! I need to do that more often. I felt so energized and excited. It was really fun!

Cullen adores his sister and tries very hard to keep her happy and take such good care of her. He was constantly bringing her things that he would get from the free giveaways at the beach. She finally calls Cullen, Cullen. He is no longer also Christian. She called him Christian for the longest time. We still here for the most part, "Stop! Cullen. No!" She definitely needs her space like her Momma! =)

We then headed back to the Cabin. Clara loves the boat and enjoys cruising around Taffy and Papa Dave's lake and also Meemaw and Pawpaw's lake. She willnever turn down a boat ride. When we made it back to the cabin Clara enjoyed herself a nice, warm bath in the new kitchen sink. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this sink!! When we move into the new house, God willing, this will be my new sink too!! She loved it and so did Mommy! It would be so easy to do hair in this sink and rinse hair without it going all in her face. She enjoyed being up high I think too.

Clara chose to take Pierce's walker....He was gracious enough to share without throwing a fit...unlike someone else...;)

Here is one last shot of Saturday at the lake. The big kids in the back playing around and being goofy!

Monday we went to Meemaw & Pawpaw's and played at the lake there too. I just did not get any photos. We had a good time as usual!

Tuesday Wanda's kiddoes came over for a few hours. We went over to the park for about an hour and I got some good shots. They had a great time playing around and for the most part played tag. The little red head was the only one not in our group. The joys of homeschooling are having public places during the daytime all to yourself. =D

Lookin up at Christian from under the jungle gym.

Here is a shot of Chandler from under the jungle gym too. I tried to play with it in Lightroom but still could not get it lookin' like I wanted it to.

Evan and Brennan hanging out on the jungle gym.

Today was a very busy day. We took the car to get cleaned, went to the store, and back home. I was getting Clara ready for nap when I decided to take off the rail of the crib to make it a toddler bed. Well, I forgot I needed one of those blocker rails to put up to prevent her from falling out. I decided to make a quick run to Wal-Mart to get one. Well, that trip turned into a toddler bed, new bedding, and a big chore to get done before we showed the house at 5:30! I got her toddler bed put together...Yes, me all by myself with the help of my two boys. Then I took the crib apart and took it outside. I then got the bedding on and just in time to show the house. Clara LOVES her new bed! She is so proud of it and showed Cindy, Clint and KK when they came over later. Clint and Cindy went on a date so KK and Pierce came over to stay with us a couple of hours. Clara went to sleep very well in her bed. She had been climbing out of her crib for quite some time now and knew what stay in bed means. She just moved quite smoothly right into it. We shall see how nap time goes but I have a hunch it will be pretty smooth too. Here are some pics of her showing off her new bed and princess bedding! Girls are so fun!! She is just my angel!! We all adore having a girl in the house and we could not have hand picked a little girl for our family any more precious than her. God is awesome ALL the time!! I cannot believe my baby will be 2 in a couple of flies by oh so fast.

This was just some plan silly fun after the bed was all put together and we were all finished!

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