Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Tot Food, Christian's Date Night, & weight loss.

Last night was Christian's turn for a date night. We had a really good time. We went and ate Japanese food and then went to the book store. We did not have long enough at all at the book store so we will have to make another trip again soon. After that we had to head over to our movie. We saw Aliens in the Attic. The beginning was somewhat offensive as the 18-year-old girl wore a bikini and her boyfriend who said he was a senior was really a senior in college. The people were dishonest and not very Godly for sure!! All in all it was a very worldly movie (as most are these days), but it was a decent movie. Probably a renter though. After our movie we ran to Target and closed it down...=) Christian looked at books and video games and I picked up all the "equipment" needed to teach Clara to potty train. We bought little girl panties, a potty, pull-ups, and a baby doll that tee-tees. I am not sure when I will start this...she is giving me signs she is ready....but to be honest I am not. =D It is tough work and that bad of me?? Christian and I really enjoyed our time together. It is nice to get to spend one-on-one time with each of them like we have been.

For lunch today Clara had peas, frozen cherries, and Chicken-Free Chicken nuggets with organic, sugar-free ketchup. I also gave her Terra's sweet potato and carrot chips but she does not like them, which REALLY surprises me!! They are YUMMY!! She ate everything but the chips. I am still struggling with getting her to drink Soy milk or rice milk. The boys love it. We like Silk Very Vanilla and the chocolate milk too. She was never much of a milk drinker and neither am I so I understand, but I am lovin' the soy milk. This morning I made her a big glass and she watchd me. She knew it was not juice (fortified orange juice) so she said, "no!" and pushed it away. =( I will continue to try ....I am hard-headed and stubborn just like my baby girl! =D

On another food note...this Monday marked my 15 pounds lost mark!! Woo Hoo!!! God is making this so easy for me. I am so grateful to Him for holding me up and guiding me through this battle with food. It is no longer a battle and God won it for me!! I guess I would call me vegan if you asked but I would like to call myself FREE!!! =D I still have quite a bit of weight to lose but as long as I am making healthful, Godly choices that will just come with being healthy!!

Okay....that is it for today!

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Mamalion said...

Skittles... that is the secret. HA! That is how I potty-trained all of mine. Tried lots of things, but that seemed to motivate each one. I don't normally buy candy so that was an unbelievable treat. they only got maybe 3. Weird, huh. It is a HARD week and I didn't go to many places unless I had to.