Monday, August 10, 2009

Help Bring Harper Home!!!

You can read Harper's story here. I was outraged when I read about this and watched the video. It is a shame they had to leave their little girl in China. Heartbreaking....Please share the videos and story with anyone you can. You can also sign this petition to help bring Harper home and prevent this from happening to other children and families!! Please, please, please take action on this matter!! I cannot imagine having to leave one of my children behind and I hope you cannot imagine it either!


mamalion said...

You are such a wonderful friend to all. You are an advocate to many and as inspiration to all who come in contact with you. I applaud the changes in diet and your excitement is contagious. I thank God for putting us together! I appreciate you so very much!

Mikki said...

Thank you Mamalion! It is very encouraging to receive your comments. I definitely needed to hear your encouraging words today!! Thanks so much for reading!