Monday, August 3, 2009

IronFish '09 and The Louisiana Boardwalk...all in a Saturday!

Saturday was the IronFish in Benton, LA. This was Cullen's second year to do this triathlon. Christian chose not to do it and in the long run regretted it. Here is a slideshow (lengthy) of our Saturday...I did post a Sunday swim at the end with Clara in her new lifejacket we got at the Outdoor Bass ProShop. After the Tri we went to the Boardwalk and had a good time. We ate lunch at Sushiko. After that we rode the carousel. Clara loved it at first and got quite bored with it towards the end. Christian decided to buy Clara a medium-sized Lammie at the Build-A-Bear store. She loves her little Lammie Meemaw got her a long time ago. Since then Meemaw & Pawpaw got her a large Lammie for Easter. Well, we figured she needed medium Lammie. She sleeps with all of them but little Lammie is still the fave!! I just have to say how sweet of my Christian to spend his hard earned money buying his baby sister a Lammie!! I had to brag a minute! =D

Cullen did fabulous in this tri placing 7th out of 59 boys ages 7-10. He did awesome!! We are so proud of the hard work he put in for training for this tri and his dedication! Katelyn did the tri again this year too and she also did fantastic and there are a few pics of her in the slideshow! She improved her time from last year and also put in some great dedication and training for this tri with Cullen. We are proud of them!! The slideshow is a bit long but I could not figure out how to shorten the length of time on the photos. I hope you enjoy it!! We had a blast this weekend!

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