Sunday, April 19, 2009

Easter....sorry so late!!

We had a fabulous Easter!! Here is it in pics..... I got behind in posting and had not put up Easter info. We spent a lazy day before heading out to Meemaw & Pawpaw's for Easter. Here ya go!

Every Easter the kids get baskets from Meemaw and Pawpaw. Meemaw was so excited about finding a HUGE Lammie for Clara. As a lot of you may know Clara LOVES her Lammie that Clara found at Meemaw's one time playing in the toys there. It then came home with us and is with us most of the time. Well here are some shots of the boys looking through their loot and Clara with her HUGE Lammie!

Here is some of our dinner.

We then colored some Easter eggs old-school style. I slacked on my job of being prepared and just happened to have food/egg dye in the cubbard. The red was missing though b/c the whole reason I had it was for red velvet cupcakes. It was still fun. We used a crayon and wrote on the eggs. Clara pretty much did not want much to do with it. She did try though and seemed to crack most of what she was still fun anyway! Morgan was with us (my cousin) and Jerry too.

Then I attempted getting some Easter pics....very unsuccessfully. Can you tell that someone was NOT in the mood. =)

And the hunt is ON!! ( A LOT of my pics turned out blurry...kinda bummed about that and did not post a lot)

Also most of you are aware how much my "princess" loves to play in the dirt....=) Here is a great shot of her snot, dirt, and all.....How can you not LOVE that face!!!As per my last post Aunt Candy has been working and striving hard to get Clara to warm up to her.....well her moment happened towards the end of the night and Clara hung out with her quite happily for a few minutes!! Candy was ecstatic. By looking at these photos you can tell where Clara's favorite spot is....

As an update since it has been a while since the last post...Friday Matt and Candy came over to pick up some cupcakes I made for her mom's (Margene's) Coast Guard Auxillary party. Candy almost had a stroke when Clara came to her with arms wide open...wish I had the camera at that moment. I am also posting a pic of the cupcakes I made for Margene. I was very pleased with them and the pic does not show how neat they really were. They were Key Lime Pie cupcakes and "Junior Mint" cupcakes as requested. =) Mmm, Mmm, good!!


The Bobo Buzz said...

no, I DID have a small heart don't understand, she put her arms out to ME!! ..and noone forced her, or told her to!! :) We'll see how she does today..see ya soon! ;)

Stephanie said... always looks like you guys have so much fun with family. Makes me homesick for my family. Great pictures and awesome cupcakes. You're WAY more talented than I am!