Thursday, January 8, 2009

Pics of Clara's wall & Cullen's 9th Birthday

It took a while but here are some pics of Clara's walls in her room. They now have the beautiful artwork hanging up that was given to her by Aunt Candy and Uncle Matt for her birthday. If I remember right Taffy (Clay's mom) and Papa (Clay's dad) gave her the little pink dress one. We hung that one above the changing table/dresser. Candy, if I am wrong let me know. She loves looking at the letters and crosses, and dress on her wall.

Thanks guys!!! We love them!! You all know I need all the help I can get with decorating.

Cullen's 9th birthday was Tuesday, January 6th. My kids are just growing way too fast. He loves pizza and wanted pizza for his birthday. We waited until after 7 because Christian had gymnastics until then. We then met Meemaw and Pawpaw at the pizza place and Cullen chowed down. He ate 20 pieces of pizza!! He kept count and felt like the winner of some pizza eating contest that we did not know about. That's my boy!! We will be having his birthday party Sunday and enjoy playing flag football with everyone. He wants me to make Philadelphia Eagles cupcakes...we will see how that goes.

I do have a prayer request. While at the pizza place I met a young lady who confided in us. Since our family does not blend too well people feel free to comment, ask questions, and share with us as they see fit. For 99% of the time it is all wonderful! We have met and had some wonderful conversations with many people. This young lady realized we had obviously adopted Clara. She was so quiet. She worked there. She was at the salad bar refilling as I was fixing my plate. She said how cute Clara was and asked about us adopting her. She then shared with me that she had given her son up for adoption. I had to give her a HUGE hug as the feelings that goes with adoption are so strong and vivid. It takes a strong woman to choose life for her child and then to also give up the opportunity of raising them for the child's betterment. She then shared that she was pregnant again! Her friends were trying to convince her to get an abortion and I just shared all the info I had with her. I told her what a blessing and honor it was to have Clara and that there were many families out there that would love to adopt her blessing. I threw in that Clay and I had talked about it before (not saying it will happen but you never know what God has in store for us). We talked for quite some time and I felt her struggle and pain. I remember being 18 and pregnant....terrifying!! She also has a scholarship for choir at the moment and the baby would be due right when her college career would be taking off in August. Just pray for God's peace over her and His wisdom. Pray that like with choosing life for her son she can leave a legacy with this child and be able to live with that other than trying to live with the decision of killing her unborn child. Please pray safety and health over this unborn child. I gave her all of my information so that she can call for anything!! I sure remember crying a lot when I was pregnant at 18. It was nice to have shoulders to cry on. My heart so aches for her and the life-changing decisions she will be facing in the future.

Until next time.....

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