Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Monumental steps for a monumental day!!!

Yesterday Clara started walking. She is still not walking all the time but it will be no time yet!! She started taking some steps on her own and I did not have the camera. She just started and took like 4 steps to the chair all on her own accord!! It was awesome but of course I did not have the camera right there. I ran to get the camera and we then started bribing her with chocolate! =o Yes, I have 3 kids and I know what works....just kidding!! Clay had picked up Christian from gymnastics and picked up our favorite french fries from Wing Stop and then he picked up our favorite truffles as a treat. This is rare! So she was getting to eat her share of chocolate but we were using it as incentive...=) Notice Christian's new tunic in the video. This is his gym attire and he will have his first gym meet this weekend!! You can view the video of Clara walking if you click on it at the top right sidebar under tidbits of our life in video!!

I also wanted to just say that I thought yesterday was a tremendous day in history and was so thankful I could share the day with my children watching the inauguration activities!! Clara obviously knew that big things were to happen that day thus her taking off with her walking!! We will always remember that our baby girl took off walking by herself on the day that the first black man was sworn into the oval office to be President of the United States!! How awesome is that!!! WooHoo!!! I am linking a post from a friend of mine because honestly I could not have put my feelings into such an eloquent piece of writing!! Here you go.....Enjoy....I could not have written it more beautifully!

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Stephanie said...

Yay, Clara! Watch out Mom & Dad though, walking allows them to reach stuff higher up. LOL!