Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Moving, moving, kinda moved??

(warning: long-winded but lots of pics to make up for it!)

Well, Sunday we made the move into the new house…..kinda.  We started sleeping here anyway.  We got our bedroom furniture, couch, Clara’s bed (which she will now not sleep in), and the washer dryer in.  We did not get that working until the next day or should I say Clay did not get that working.  He had to change out plugs, etc.  This is our 5th house.  This has been the most difficult move of them all!  It still saddens me to know that there are people out there that just don’t care how you feel or what you think.  When we first saw this home the yard was short and not overgrown, the pool was very nice looking and clean, the house was spotless, etc.  Well, we buy it and give some people a few weeks to do nothing and that is exactly what they will do!!  The yard hadn’t been touched in at least 3 weeks, the pool was all kinds of out of whack, the house was filthy, they even left us a present in one of the toilets.  To think these people wanted to lease the house back from us.  I even was trying to convince Clay that it was the right thing to do since these people needed the money to buy their other home in which they wanted to build a pool.  We said no, thank goodness!!!  They moved into a temp place until their home is finished.  I would hate to think what they would have done in a few more weeks!  GROSSS!!  I am sorry for the venting but it is so frustrating.  Someone cut themselves while they were moving and they just left the blood splatters/puddles all over the school room tile floor for us to bother with.  They left junk behind for us to throw out or just didn’t double check before they were leaving.  There were 2 PODS parked in the driveway in front of the garage, no less!  They also have not had their mail forwarded b/c there is no where to forward it to.  HELLOOO!!!!  How inconsiderate can people be?!!??  I guess we got a good taste of it with this move.  Just really frustrating.  As if there is not already a lot to do with moving anyway.

We still own our other home but have a contract pending on it.  We are praying this week goes smoothly and the inspections go well.  We are beginning to get a bit concerned as they have not had the inspection as of yet and no appraisal either.  It would be nice to sell it this go around but God knows what the cards hold.  He has the best plan!  I do know that whoever moves in is getting a spotless house and a freshly mowed, weeded, hedged, sparkling, clean pool to enjoy after they haul all their stuff into it! =)

We are beginning to see the light at the “moving” tunnel.  There is still a TON to do but we have most everything over here at the new house now.  The kids are loving it. 

We are enjoying the wildlife around.  They feed the ducks everyday.  The Momma duck and her babies hang outside my kitchen window and I get to see them a few times a day as I wash our many dishes….;)

HOneysuckle Move '10 005HOneysuckle Move '10 007 

This was a tiny, baby turtle I caught sun bathing on a stick.  HOneysuckle Move '10 011

Here is our soon-to-be other Momma duck on her nest under our fish feeder.  There looks to be about 12 or 13 eggs in that nest.  We would love to see all of them make it through. 

HOneysuckle Move '10 037HOneysuckle Move '10 034

This was a new find of Christian’s today.  Do you know what kind of bird this is??  She has laid her nest on the ground.  You can walk by the nest without ever knowing…..but if Momma bird is there you will sure to figure it out.  She dances around almost acting injured to lure you away from her nest.  I am so glad Christian found the nest with 4 eggs in it.  The yard guy came today and he would have mowed right over it.  :(  I am assuming the backyard did not get much action before we moved in as these birds thought they had chosen a quiet place to nest.  We will try to be patient and somewhat quiet until all hatch and are safe.  HOneysuckle Move '10 036

This is Momma bird dancing around with her tail flailed trying to lure us away.  Christian took the photos of all the birds but the nest of duck eggs.  Good job he did!!HOneysuckle Move '10 040 

We have also enjoyed (or should I say the kids have enjoyed) the pool of course!!  Daddy and I have not made it in yet but plan on it this weekend.

Christian is holding Clara over the fountains…she wanted to be like her brothers.

 HOneysuckle Move '10 030 HOneysuckle Move '10 029HOneysuckle Move '10 014

Loved this shot of the boys!HOneysuckle Move '10 017

They are lovin’ jumping off the upper level into the lower level!  Looks fun..cannot wait to try it!HOneysuckle Move '10 018

Too sweet not to share with you all!HOneysuckle Move '10 020 HOneysuckle Move '10 021 HOneysuckle Move '10 024 HOneysuckle Move '10 027 

On another note….Cullen got braces!!  I don’t have a shot yet but will soon get one up.  Please say a prayer for him.  He is really, really uncomfortable.  He is one tough kid so I know if he is having trouble eating he hurts! Today seems a bit better and I know tomorrow will be a little bit better and so on.  I keep telling him it will get better.

Sorry such a long-winded post with lots of pics….but it has been a while.  Wanted to update you on how things are going!

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Jaime said...

The new house and yard are absolutely beautiful!! It's like you're on vacation all the time. :-)

I'm sure Cullen's ortho told him, but Advil is the best thing for sore teeth. ;-)