Sunday, February 7, 2010

"Food" for Thought

I wanted to share something that came over me last night. Most of you know that I stopped eating meat/dairy around July which is approx 6-7 months ago. When I first stopped I felt led by God that meat/diary was something that I should not eat and was not overall good for your body. Thus, I automatically wanted to protect my family from the things I was learning too. Clara was easy as she is just 2. She eats most anything. For snacks she asks for potatoes/sweet potatoes, avocados, and will bring me cans of beans from the pantry. Cullen followed along well and I could not believe how easily he jumped on board. I figured he would be the toughest to convert. I also have to brag on my other two guys. Clay has really followed suit and has kept his ears open and learned a lot. He has not had meat in over a month!! He still eats minimal amounts of dairy in the form of cheese and ice cream. Christian, on the other hand, has done well coping with the big changes in our life but they have not been very easy for him at all!! If we are having family functions or go out to eat he still really, really wants his meat.

Well, as the vegan voyage has progressed it has changed from just a healthful decision to a moral one as well for myself and Cullen. I have learned of how animals are treated before they end up on our table. I am not okay with supporting that. Last night we were talking over veggie fajitas at a Mexican restaurant. Christian was saying that Jesus ate meat. I agreed with him. I do not believe it is necessarily wrong to eat meat but I do think how the animal was treated before it lands on your plate is of great importance. I, personally, do not think Jesus would sit down at the table with me and dive into a 12-oz steak knowing it had been injected with hormones, antibiotics, stood in inches of its' own filth, and treated inhumanely, etc. I do not think Jesus would be okay with the way we have come to treat the animals He put on this Earth for our benefit. I think we need to open our eyes and be aware of all that is going on around us. If you are interested in educating yourself about your meat supply and where it comes from watch the documentary Food Inc. You can also view, for free on YouTube, the documentary Earthlings (very graphic and heartbreaking) The link is to part 3. I think there are 10 parts.

We by no means eat healthfully all the time. We eat too many chips and have ice cream too often. I overeat still to this day and need to work on it. By being vegan you are by no means cutting out all the foods that can be bad for you. A vegan can be someone who exsists on sodas and bags of chips alone. I do try to make my food choices count but I am human and fail miserably some days. It just weighs heavy on me that we need to watch who/what we are harming in the search to put meat on our tables.

I would love to hear your comments, thoughts, etc. on the topic. Please share!

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Mikki said...

Stacy, I have changed my blog to moderated comments. I accidentally rejected your nice comment on the blog. I would love for you to send your comment again so others can be touched by it too. I really apologize. I have tried to figure out how to change it but cannot seem to do it. Thanks for taking the time to comment and I am sorry for my mess up. =(