Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Tot Food

Well, Clara inspired me to eat better. I will delve deeper into that in another post. Her dinner tonight was vegetable bowtie pasta Asian style with Tahini (sesame seed butter), a bit of soy sauce, Earth's Balance Natural Buttery Spread (vegan butter), with fresh ginger and garlic in it and I tossed in some shredded carrots. She also had squash, broccoli, and cauliflower. Clara would have liked it better with less ginger, I think. She is not too fond of cauliflower....okay...she does not like it. BUT I still offer it to her. She will eat a bit of broccoli and she likes black beans. She was not too fond of the squash either. I will just continue to modify until her tastes change. I also offered her up some walnuts and had cherries for dessert. She was not keen on the walnuts either....=( We have begun eating more vegan but would not say we are. Clara and I are trying to stay away from meats and dairy. Dairy is known to lead to skin problems (allergies) and the calcium is harder to digest than would be represented in vegetables.

Last night I made Baked Ziti with brown rice penne pasta. You can find the complete recipe in the great book The Eat-Clean Diet for FAmily & Kids by Tosca Reno. It had organic Muir roasted tomatoes pureed them in their can, garlic, onions, 2 cups shredded carrots, vegetable stock, 1lb bison (the boys are not ready to give up meat....I am undecided). I topped it off with non-dairy mozzarella and wallah (sp??) it was done. It was a success by all, except me. I am fasting so unable to eat what I am making now. I started last Friday with only veg juice and water. It is TOUGH!! Clara also LOVES pizza along with most everyone else in this family. I found a pre-made whole wheat crust at the health food store and bought organic pizza sauce. I topped with spinach, roasted red peppers, grated carrots, non-dairy mozzarella and it was a success also. If all else fails and she does not like what I serve I can always give her a organic, whole wheat bread with almond butter and a natural fruit spread and she is happy!!

Okay...I might post again tonight as I have been behind lately and have much to share!

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