Thursday, July 2, 2009

Baby Swimming Pool???

Okay....I had to post this! Clara loves water so much that she has found her a new swimming pool to take advantage of inside!!! Here are a couple of pics!!

My Clara can get into something in no time flat!! This morning she got into the her out and in a second walking through my room and past the half bath in the hall she had given her small brown puppy dog a bath in the other toilet!!! To say the least, little brown puppy is now no longer....He is taking a ride in the trash can! It is almost impossible to keep this girl out of the toilet!! Another day this week she also decided to use her creative side and color a wonderfully beautiful orange crayon masterpiece on our bedroom wall. =) I did not think to get pics of that before I got it off the wall along with some of the sheetrock. A note to those that have not gone through this yet....use soft, soft pressure when removing crayon from wall or else pieces of sheetrock come with it. Yes, trust me. It is getting time to paint anyway and we need semi-gloss paint instead of flat that it was built with. I have been telling Clay this....this incident just proved my point. LOL =D Out of 3 kids this was our first wall masterpiece that I can remember. Now, Cullen broke in our new brown leather couch with pen mark when he was little. Thank goodness it did not show up that much and we still have that couch to date. Time for new living room furniture too....=D I think we might wait a bit to make sure Clara realizes artwork needs to be on paper for now!

Clay just reminded me that Christian too did some artwork of his own with crayon but he chose to do it all over the floor in his room.

Needless to say as soon as I got her out of her new-found "swimming pool" I wisked her into the bath. Here is a pic of her proud self getting cleaned off.

**NOTE*** The yuckiness you see on the top lid of the toilet seat is a stain!! Promise! My toilets were cleaned yesterday!!****


Stacy said...

Oh my goodness, those photos are both making me bust a gut and have the willies all at the same time! You sound like you were a very good sport about it!

The Clevelands said...

That's a hoot! At least you just cleaned the toilets the day before.

Tierra said...

Wow! That sounds like "D" [LOL] how I love that... Kiss her for us, God bless.

Stephanie said...

Hahaha..that is too funny!