Monday, February 2, 2009

Happy Birthday Candy and My Crazy Guys!!

Saturday we headed over to Meemaw and Papaw's house to celebrate Candy's 29th birthday. For those of you still trying to get the hang of my family, Candy is my newest sister-in-law. She married, Matt, my youngest brother. We had a great time. Meemaw and Pawpaw cooked steaks out on the grill which we are always more than happy to eat up!! We spent the first part of the day outside. The weather was beatiful. Christian showed off his back flips. There are videos in the top right of him doing this and flip flop back flips. He amazes me!We also attempted to feed the catfish which come around for food every year. They did not show up Saturday because they had not been fed in a while. They will be back and I will try to get video of them for you guys. It is really neat. It was Clara's first time to feed them though. It was a big process to try and teach her that the fish food was not "Clara" food. YUCK!! She snuck in a few bites though....GROSS!! She got the hang of throwing it "towards" the water but rarely made it directly into the water. I cannot wait until the catfish show up and she gets to see them. I have a video of Clara feeding the fish up in "Tidbits of our life in Video" in the upper right corner along with a lot of others that I will get to in a sec. Clara also loved walking on the pier of the boathouse by herself. She LOVED peaking through the slats in the railing! She thought it was so neat! Here are some shots

Notice Pawpaw in the background grilling up our steaks!! Mmmm, mmmm good!

Clay took Clara ove to the neighbors playground and swung her for a little bit. She was worn out. It had been a very long day. We had looked at a house earlier that morning and she had no nap but about 30 minutes for that day. Clara has to have her sleep and she only sleeps in her bed or at Meemaw & Pawpaw's in her playyard in the back room. She stay awake in the car nowadays for the most part. We then went inside and gorged on our steak, potatoes, sauteed mushrooms, and salad! It was great. Thanks Meemaw and Pawpaw! We then sang happy birthday to Candy and watched her open her presents. I gave her a Scentsy plug-in she had picked out along with one of her favorite scents and a car candle. Meemaw learned from Candy...Candy is the ultimate in picking out personalized and thoughtful gifts. Meemaw put a mug, truffles, a Christian CD, warm and cozy socks, MONEY, journal, and some other things in a cute little box!! It was her spa box. Great idea!! I will learn someday. I am just not a real thoughtful gift giver.
I had to show this picture of Candy's Christmas present to my parents. Candy made up a Christmas box for my parents. One of the many items included were these GREAT cards. We like playing cards and what better things to have on your deck of cards, but family pictures. Each person has their own number. Clara is 2, Luke is 4, Matt & Clay are the jokers...ha ha!! Couples are the aces like Matt & Candy, Clay & myself, Meemaw & Pawpaw & Mike & Casey. They are pricey so I have not gotten myself a deck...but maybe one day! Matt & CAndy's wedding photo is on the front of the whole deck. Then here is a shot of a couple of them. They all got mad when I tried taking pictures during our card game but I thought you guys would want to see them. I was tring to get is not my fault you just get to see these few. They only have one deck so we combine with 2 different decks thus the other cards with the cool cards!

Okay...I have to wrap up our card playng with a typical scene. Matt is "that" uncle. He is my baby brother and I love him. When you are around him you cannot help but laugh! This pic is showing how used to it Candy is. Matt farted at the table while playing cards. Pawpaw jumped out of his seat and ran far away....Candy on the other hand grabs the nearest candle and just goes on like normal......

Okay , bare with me I know this is a long post. I had to show the difference that a little editing can do to a photograph. I had a friend do this edit for me....Thanks Heather. I am hoping to teach myself how to do stuff like this soon.....This amazes me. Two of my favorite subjects....My girl and My Man!! The first one is unedited. The second one is obviously the edited picture! to wrap this up. Check out the videos at the top right. My CRAZY guys ended up going for a bit of a swim yesterday before the Super Bowl. Cullen thought it was warm enough to go swimming and then all bets were on!! If you want to 'em!

That's it folks!!


Laura said...

Your videos were great! We used to do that every year on New Year's Day if it was above 50 degrees! Sometimes we would eve do it at the lake!! What memories!!

Stacy said...

I'm sorry I've been so stinky at commenting! I just LOVE those pics of Clara through the rails - she is such a cutie but is looking like such a big girl (which is wonderful, but, sniff, just not right because it means my girl is getting big too).

Stephanie said...

Clara is adorable and those videos were awesome!! I got a good laugh at the pool ones. LOL!!! Oh, and I have no clue what you meant about editing my profile, I'm still an ignoramous on blogger. I should play around more so I'll learn.