Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Catch up again…camping!

Well...I am AWFUL!  I just stink at keeping up with the blog!  I am going to give it another go and try to be more consistent.  Life is really great around here but also very busy!  School is going well and we seem to be on track.  We will be doing summer school as we have not accomplished as much as I would like.  I also want to focus on some weaknesses outside of the regular school year.  The planning can be a bit stressful but a lot of me enjoys seeing what our next year will hold. 

This past weekend we went camping.  Friends of ours got their first camper.  We had planned to camp out Thursday through Sunday.  Well, Clay got us up there and set up but Wanda was having problems trying to tow the camper.  She had never towed anything before and they got a BIG camper!  I ended up by myself with the kids Thursday night.  Clay had not planned on taking off of work on Friday so he had to go back into town Thursday night so he would not have to get up so early and drive to work.  I was not real happy about not having transportation but we made do.  Clay left work early Friday and Wanda & family finally made it in the evening.  They ended up having to get air brakes put on the truck so they could tow the trailer safely.  So after a rough start, we had a fantastic weekend of camping!  The kids had a great time hanging out, riding bikes, exploring, playing in the lake, hiking, and hunting down our letterboxes.  We ended up finding 5 letterboxes.  It adds so much more to your camping to be able to do a scavenger hunt type of activity.  If you want to learn more about letterboxing and/or go to  Here are a few pics from the trip.Zoo & Camping March April 2011 053 Zoo & Camping March April 2011 054Zoo & Camping March April 2011 052 Evan and Clara playing in the lake. Zoo & Camping March April 2011 055 From left to right: Evan, Chandler, Christian, Clara, Cullen, and Levi.Zoo & Camping March April 2011 058

Clara always passed out on our hikes.  Zoo & Camping March April 2011 065

Love this shot of Christian up in a tree.  He is growing up!Zoo & Camping March April 2011 077

Playing games and cooking smores around the campfire. Zoo & Camping March April 2011 083 Zoo & Camping March April 2011 084 Zoo & Camping March April 2011 086 Zoo & Camping March April 2011 087 Zoo & Camping March April 2011 089 Zoo & Camping March April 2011 091

Zoo & Camping March April 2011 093

Zoo & Camping March April 2011 094 Zoo & Camping March April 2011 097

Daddy & Clara are definitely a pair! They are so wrapped around each other’s finger…Daddy more so than Clara.  It is an honor to watch the bond these two have.  Nothing like a Daddy and his girl! 

We are already looking forward to the next trip!  We just love it!

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