Thursday, January 21, 2010

Field Trip to Sci-Port

Yesterday we packed up to head out to Shreveport.  We met Wanda and the kids at Peking and had lunch before getting to Sci-Port.  We have never been to Sci-Port before so we were excited to have a fun day together of play and learning. 

This was going through the moon walk.  It was really neat inside.  Sci-port 12-20-10 004

Here the kids are trying to get their balloons and other crafts to float in the air stream

Sci-port 12-20-10 009Sci-port 12-20-10 013

Here they are learning how the flow of a river (Red river) changes the landscaping.Sci-port 12-20-10 015

Here is a shot of the baby alligators.  Clara was soaking it in.Sci-port 12-20-10 019Sci-port 12-20-10 024Sci-port 12-20-10 021

This was cool.  You pushed a button and it pushed you to the top.  Cullen loved it and then he added Clara and she could not get enough!

Sci-port 12-20-10 033Sci-port 12-20-10 046

In this exhibit you cold ride a bike to see how many watts you could produce to power any given item. 

Sci-port 12-20-10 036Sci-port 12-20-10 035

Clara even gave it a try.Sci-port 12-20-10 037

     Clara, Chandler, and Brennan are learning about pulleys. Sci-port 12-20-10 040Sci-port 12-20-10 041      

Here is baby James laughing it up!  Sci-port 12-20-10 048

Chandler and Christian trying to figure out circuits!Sci-port 12-20-10 051 

After this water exhibit, Clara was drenched and so was Lammie.  She decided Lammie wanted to play in the water too!  It is amazing how quickly a 2 year old can get into the stroller and pull out her Lammie!  Lammie is safe and sound and is even dry now after the incident!  Must keep a better eye on Lammie…cannot lose him!Sci-port 12-20-10 055Sci-port 12-20-10 061

Here is Baby James taking it all in again!  He is so laid back!Sci-port 12-20-10 066

This is the tornado exhibit.  Clara thought it was pretty neat!  She even climbed into the middle of it at one point ! Sci-port 12-20-10 067 Sci-port 12-20-10 069

I think Cullen was ready for his turn! Sci-port 12-20-10 070

Here is the final shot when we were leaving.  Brennan, Evan, Cullen, Chandler holding Clara, Baby James, and Christian.  Little did we know that tornado weather was heading our way as we made it down to the Boardwalk to sneak in some quick shopping!Sci-port 12-20-10 073

We went to the Boardwalk and barely made it before it started pouring!  We made it to The Children’s Place, Stride-Rite, and Shoe Rack.  The lady at the Shoe Rack told us they were going to close the store because they had been hearing the sirens and had spotted tornadoes.  I looked at her like she was crazy and said, “so you are going to throw us out into the storm??”  Needless to say, we stayed and did some more shoe shopping.  Cullen had gotten a pair for his birthday so Christian and Clara got a pair this time around.  I will have to get a pic of Clara’s shoes.  They are called Twinkle Toes and light up!  Too, too cute!!  Christian’s shoes are “handsome” shoes and he did good after he FINALLY picked some out!   We ended up making it home safe and sound.  We went past an area on I-20 that looked like we had missed the tornado by probably 20 minutes if that long.  I have never seen so many police cars and clean-up crew trucks.  The debris along the road was scary to say the least.  It looked as though someone had picked up the road signs and crumpled them like paper!  Trees and branches were all along the road.  I think they had cleaned that part of the highway and were working along the side roads when we made it past.  It was quite scary.  We did make it home though after a very long day of fun and learning.  I was EXHAUSTED!!  Clara was too as she crashed as soon as we got in the car to head home after a juice box and fruit chew. =)

Here are some school pics from today.  Clara colored the letter ‘B’ blue today with a marker and dot to dot painter.  Later in the day we used stickers that started with ‘B’  and placed them on our paper.  Can you tell Clara was proud of her work?? 

Sci-port 12-20-10 075 Sci-port 12-20-10 079


Life with the Akin Clan said...

Your little girl is getting so big! What a fun trip!

Frugal Female said...

She is such a doll....we might have to make a field trip to the sci-port...sounds fun!!!

The Bobo Buzz said...

These pics make Clara look SO BIG!! Like a totally different person.. must be the hair, crazy! So glad yall made it home safely, Matt and I thought of we watched Idol, when we were supposed to be "taking immediate cover"! ha!! Glad yall had a good time..looks neat!